5 FAQ: Know About The Merge and Ethereum Latest Roadmap

  1. Wen merge?
  • Activating withdrawals is currently included in the Shanghai upgrade, which will be the first hard fork after the merger. Given the uncertainty of the current time and the possible bearishness of the market (even if it picks up recently), investors who are eager to take profits can hedge their bets through derivatives and over-the-counter transactions.
  • Similar to the queue for deposits, there is also a queue for withdrawals, with a maximum of approximately 1125 validator withdrawals per day (3.8w ETH in total).
  • There are already many liquidity pledge solutions like Lido in the market, and some pledgers can actually withdraw at any time.
  • When there is a large number of withdrawals, the pledge return goes up, which in turn attracts investors to deposit.
  • Staking inflation bonus
  • Fee
  • MEV



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Colin Wu, Chinese journalist, won 2013 China News Award