Bitcoin and Aquaculture: This company is using the heat from Bitcoin mining to raise fish

In December 2021, Lance came to a northern city under the recommendation of his friend Charles to visit an smart integrated mining farm.

When Lance followed Charles to the basement of the commercial complex where the smart integrated mining site is located, what caught his eye was not the usual miners making loud noises, but rows of neat and quiet server Cabinet.

Just when Lance was confused, Charles told him, “The server cabinet in front of you is the latest mining boiler cabinet from HEATCORE, which is both a heating station and a bitcoin mining farm. The 20,000-square-meter building is heated It is provided by these 10 mining boiler cabinets.”

Charles opened the cabinet door of the mining boiler and showed Lance the internal structure of the cabinet. With a clear sound of door opening, new types of mining boilers with the shape of 2U servers appeared in front of Lance.

“The power of a single mining boiler cabinet is 130kw, and its maximum computing power can reach 4469TH/s.” Charles said, there are 18 mining boilers in a cabinet (each mining boiler‘s hashrate can reach 248TH/s), and the operation is very stable. The maximum hashrate of the entire system reaches 53.628PH/s, while the area is only one-fifth of the same size thata air-cooled mining farm needs.

He continued to introduce, “This system uses a new water-cooling technology, which uses warm water to flow through the inside of the cold plate covering the surface of chips to take away the heat emitted by that chips, and the warm water can be heated to 60 degrees and then passes through pipes to reach each room for heating.”

Lance was very surprised, “This mining boiler cabinet is equal to a boiler plus 18 miners. Isn’t that a single electricity bill that is both heating and mining, so that zero-carbon and zero-electricity mining can be achieved, because heating itself will use the same electricity fee.” Charles smiled and said, “You understand it very well.”

Under the guidance of Charles, Lance continued to visit the control room. In addition to all kinds of pipes, pumps, and valves, the most eye-catching thing in the control room was the large control screen on the control cabinet. You can see every hashrate on the large control screen, The hashhrate of the boiler cabinet, the temperature of the incoming and outgoing water, the pressure rate of each water pipe, the opening of each valve, etc.

Careful Lance found that he had been in the mining boiler room for 20 minutes without seeing any staff. Charles saw Lance’s doubts and said: “This smart mining boiler room is design for unattended and less people on duty, the staff are resting in the dormitory upstairs.

They have an APP which developed by HEATCORE has been installed in their smart phones, and they can clearly understand the operation of the site. Once there is an exception error occurs, the APP will automatically send the warning information to their phones, and then they go downstairs to fix it.”

Charles said that this integrated mining system has not only been successfully applied in the field of heating, but also achieved breakthroughs in the field of aquaculture. At present, it has achieved an average scale of 3.5 million Striped bass farming per month. Combined with the income of fish farming, the comprehensive payback break even period of the mining system was shortened by 6 months. If this system is widely used in animal husbandry, agriculture and other industries, it will greatly improve the comprehensive income of animal husbandry and agriculture, and at the same time reduce the prices of vegetables, beef and lamb.

Charles also introduced that HEATCORE is applying this system to solve the problem of waste natural gas emissions. The originally burned waste natural gas is generated by natural gas generators to supply energy for the integrated energy&mining system, which not only solves the problem of natural gas waste, but also reduces the 63% of carbon emissions and zero conventional combustion losses. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in the whole model. Integrating mining into life and empowering the people’s livelihood industry is very friendly and positive to the environment and society.

The era of zero-carbon mining may really come.

Welcome to talk with us during Bitcoin2022 6–9 Apr, at block No.1140.

This article is provided by HeatCore Corporation, which has no commercial relationship with WuBlockchain.

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