BNBChain Socialfi Hackathon First Prize: Oasis Origin Connect GPT4 to create AI individual

5 min readMar 21, 2023

Author: @0xMavWisdom

The CyberConnect and BNB Chain Web3 Social Hackathon recently announced the final 23 winning teams, with Oasis Origin, a metaverse social app based on the CyberConnect ecosystem, taking the top prize in the competition.

Oasis officially says that it has more than 10 million registered users from more than 130 countries and is available on mobile, VR and web. Oasis Origin is the on-chain version of Oasis, where users can build Web3 social connections. Every user who accesses Oasis Origin through Connected Wallet and completes registration will receive a free and exclusive SBT, and their personal on-chain friendships will be automatically integrated into Oasis Origin through CyberConnect.

Combining both stranger and acquaintance socialization

In traditional social media platforms, users are unable to get to know each other through visual observation when using a stranger social platform; as social relationships mature, acquaintances may be limited in social scenarios due to the fragmentation of the functions of different social platforms. Oasis Origin provides a platform for switching between strangers and acquaintances.

Oasis Origin is divided into three parts, namely the World, the Square and the Club.

In Oasis Origin’s ‘worlds’, users can select scenes to create rooms or join other rooms in the ‘world’ for voice chat, karaoke and games with strangers. If YouTube or other video links are attached, it is also possible to watch movies or live streams with the users in the room, or even hold mini music festivals in the metaverse. This allows users to quickly build friendships and even intimate relationships with strangers, and adds to the fun of building social relationships.

The ‘Square’ section, powered by iPollo, provides a large interactive space for businesses or organisations to hold work-related events such as product launches, AMA conferences and community networking, and a dedicated space for projects, including Cyber Square, to support project teams in organising more immersive and interactive large scale community events.

In addition, Oasis Origin allows users to create personal ‘clubs’. Unlike the Worlds and Plazas, these rooms are reserved and private, and users need to obtain permission from the administrator to join their personal clubs. “Clubs’ are the equivalent of private channels in Oasis Origin, where users can socialise without the interference of strangers, creating a social scene where only people they know or are forming relationships with.

Oasis Origin offers users the opportunity to socialise in public as well as creating an intimate venue through three modes: world, square and club.

Metaverse Social caters for the Gen Z

Unlike traditional social networking methods such as text, pictures and video, Oasis Origin is built on a metaverse that not only caters to the younger generation’s preference for VR and mobile login, but also allows them to choose different scenarios such as virtual cinemas, virtual lakes or virtual homes. Social gaming scenarios such as the recent online werewolf and Goose Goose Duck can also be brought to Oasis Origin. In addition to this, Oasis Origin offers users the opportunity to personalise and customise their presentation, which allows them to move from a flat image to a three-dimensional one, allowing them to participate in the creation, construction and management of their preferred self or other external image related to them.

Firstly, users can create their own avatars, which can be further adjusted and optimised to match their desired appearance by means of clothing, headgear, face painting, etc. In the process of building and optimising your avatar, you can also save your favourite image with in-game coins and mint it as an NFT, which you can send to your wallet for safekeeping. Secondly, users can also adopt their own pets,for example,they can adopt cats of breeds including Maine and Garfield according to their preference. When an individual is present in the different metaverse social scenarios on Oasis Origin, that pet will also follow its owner around and be shown to other users present. The pet can also talk or play with its owner on a daily basis when there is no real person to talk to to alleviate any loneliness the player may have. In addition, Oasis Origin attracts more Gen Zs to socialise with Oasis Origin by allowing for more personalised expressions in the ‘club’ through DIY customised themes, furniture, lighting, games and music.

AI + Metaverse creates a new type of social interation

Oasis Origin has recently accessed the GPT4 API in an attempt to create a metaverse that coexists with AI. Users can either become “AI individuals” as social subjects or engage in direct social behaviour with AI objects. On the one hand, Oasis Origin introduces the AI Alter-Self (AIAS) feature. The AIAS learns and imitates the user’s conversations and behaviours to create a meta-universe individual that resembles the user, so that the digital twin will remain on the platform for social activities even if the user no longer logs into Oasis Origin in the future. On the other hand, the platform introduces AI NPCs trained through GPT4 that can generate demands based on the user’s behavioural patterns. With increased training, these AI NPCs can produce effects similar to those of real users and, in addition to adding to the atmosphere, can be used to communicate directly as alternative social objects during the inactive hours of real players.

Furthermore, Oasis Origin also offers a number of engaging features to ensure user retention. The user can also like traditional graphic social media that can follow others. Users in Oasis Origin can become friends with people in private domains like WhatsApp or KOL in public domains like Twitter and Facebook, and they can even play games like UNO cards, dance, play pool or throw darts with their friends in real life.

The social metaverse created by Oasis Origin is now in its infancy, but it is still very early days, and it should be noted that even the metaverse social platform Horizon Worlds, which Meta has spent a lot of money on, has produced far less than expected results. Ultimately, the desired success of the metaverse remains the ability to create a low-barrier, high-freedom interactive experience similar to that of My World or The Legend of Zelda, and to provide the opportunity to build equal social relationships, which may be the key to long-term appeal to users.


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