Founder of Slow Mist:Emergency Treatment after Stolen:what should you do when you get stolen?

Stop loss first

A stop is a way to stop a loss from magnifying it, and there are at least two stages:

Protect the scene

If you find that your assets have been stolen, be calm, take a deep breath for three times and protect the scene. There are a few experiences for reference:

Analyze the causes

The purpose of analyzing the cause is to understand the adversary and output a hacker portrait. This time the incident report is very important, also called Post Mortem Report.

Trace back to the source

According to Rocca’s law: any invasion will leave traces. As long as we check carefully, we will always find something. The process of investigation is actually forensic analysis and traceability. We will do traceability according to the hacker’s portrait from forensic analysis and continuously enrich this hacker’s portrait, which is a dynamic and iterative process.

Closing the case

Of course, we all want to have a good ending, and there are public events in history that we’ve been heavily involved in that have a good ending, just to name a few:



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Colin Wu, Chinese journalist, won 2013 China News Award