Project Galaxy, a semi-finished product, listed on Coinbase Binance FTX etc. on the same day, is aiming to become the ePay of Web3?

Project Galaxy’s approach to colleting traffic


  1. GAL token holders have the ability to control the amount of the platform fee collected by the protocol, and control funds held by the Project Galaxy Community Treasury.
  2. Payment of application fees: Developers who aim to utilize or query Galaxy’s credential data through Application Modules will be subject to a Platform Fee which is charged in GAL. Most of the fee will go to the curators, and Galaxy Community Treasury will collect the rest. Currently all fees are waived during beta testing.
  3. Bonding curve: GALs will be tied to credential data set to form a bonding curve. Credential data set can be purchased through the GAL, and by holding credential data set, you will receive a commission on the platform fees, while the paid GALs will be locked into the bonding curve. Therefore, the more credential data in the network, the more GAL will be locked in bonding curves for data signaling. Currently the curation system is still under development.

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Colin Wu, Chinese journalist, won 2013 China News Award