Weekly project updates: Aave V3.0.1 has launched, Sushi CEO released the roadmap for 2023, Polygon PoS completed a hard fork upgrade, etc

1. Uniswap plans to discuss a proposal to deploy Uniswap V3 on the StarkNet network link

Uniswap plans to discuss with StarkWare and Nethermind the proposal to deploy Uniswap V3 on the StarkNet network, as well as the new problems faced by its deployment on the first non-EVM network.

2. Sushi CEO released the roadmap for 2023 link

Sushi CEO released the roadmap for 2023, it will release its DEX aggregation router in the Q1, redesign tokenomics to encourage LPs to migrate to Sushi for increased ROI, launch Sushi’s decentralized incubator: Sushi Studios, etc.

3. ETH’s weekly summary

a. ETH supply deflation again to pre-merge levels after 47 days link

Opensea (consuming 1517 ETH) ranked first in terms of ETH consumption of GAS fees in the past 7 days, followed by Uniswap V3, ETH transfers, Tether, and Uniswap V2.

b. The Ethereum Foundation launches second Academic Grants Round link

With this grants round, the Ethereum Foundation welcomes more academics to the table to push forward formal academic research in related domains. The deadline for proposals is Monday, February 27th, 2023. Work must be free and open source. Reports must be accessible by a url.

c. Cross-chain routing protocol Multichain launches ETH 0 bridge fee offer link

Bridging ETH to all blockchains is free now on Multichain. Multichain is currently connected to 81 major public chains.

d. Ethereum name service’s governance proposal outlines intention to sell 10,000 ETH link

A governance proposal put forward by a member of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, suggests liquidating 10,000 ether (ETH) to cover operating costs over the next two years. The draft proposal, which was submitted on Jan. 18, is now being discussed among the ENS community.

4. Layer 2’s weekly summary

a. L2 activity spend increased 22.8% year-over-year in the past week (1.9–1.15) link

In the past week (January 9th to January 15th), L2 activities spent more than 32 billion gas, a year-on-year increase of 22.8%, and a record high in a single week, of which Optimism is the largest contributor.

b. ZigZag Exchange announced the first round of token airdrop link

As a token of appreciation for the early market makers, ZigZag Exchange will be airdropping ZigZag tokens to those who have been running MM bots and filling orders on the platform. A snapshot of eligible market makers on zkSync has been taken on 17 January, at 06:00 UTC. About 2% of ZigZag’s total token supply will be distributed amongst eligible market makers. Each market maker will receive at least a minimum of 100 ZZ token.

c. Optimism daily transaction count drops significantly after Optimism Quest ends link

The number of transactions on January 19 was 165,677, essentially returning to pre-activity levels and approximately 20.7% of the peak. Optimism Quest activity is expected to be related to the second OP airdrop.

5. NFT’s weekly summary

a. National Geographic Channel launches first NFT series link

Sixteen innovative photographers will capture daybreak around the globe in National Geographic Channel’s first NFT series, “GM: Daybreak Around the World.” The series of NFTs will be minted on Polygon, each NFT will be priced at 215 MATIC.

b. Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass blacklists Blur, Sudoswap, LooksRare and NFTX link

The latest Sewer Pass release from Yuga Labs blacklists Blur, Sudoswap, LooksRare, and NFTX, possibly because of the new Opensea royalty standard. Since the opening of MINT on Sewer Pass, the transaction volume has exceeded 6840 ETH, and the current floor price is 1.17 ETH.

c. NFT marketplace Blur has postponed the token release date to February 14 link

The delay in the token launch was due to the upcoming launch of a new product. Blur previously announced that it will launch tokens at the end of January.

6. Aave has deployed V3.0.1 on the Goerli, Mumbai, Optimism and Arbritum testnet link

Aave V3.0.1 has been deployed on the Goerli, Mumbai, Optimism and Arbritum testnet and is available to project parties and developers in test network mode on the official website, tweeted @0x4Graham, a member of the Aave team. The v3 upgrade introduces cross-chain asset functions, community contribution tools, gas optimization model that is expected to reduce costs by 20–25 percent, efficient mode and other upgrades.

7. Polygon PoS completed a hard fork upgrade on January 17 link

The expectation is that the rate of change for the base gas fee will fall to 6.25% (100/16) from the current 12.5% (100/8) in an effort to smooth severe fluctuations in gas prices.

8. Polkadot XCMv3 is merged after 15 months of development. link

Gavin Wood announced Polkadot XCMv3 is merged after 15 months of development. This cross consensus message format means parachains can “speak” to each other now without having to rely on bridges. No more lock and wrap plays, and much safer interaction between parachains.

9. Rocket Pool’s weekly summary

a. Binance will list Rocket Pool (RPL) in the Innovation Zone link

Binance will list Rocket Pool (RPL) in the Innovation Zone and will open trading for these spot trading pairs at 2023–1–18 08:00 (UTC). Rocket Pool is a decentralized ETH liquid staking derivative provider.

b. An anonymous address made $55,400 before and after the RPL listing on Binancelink

The anonymous wallet address (0x5f…47db) bought 6193.46 RPL 10 minutes before Binance released the RPL listing announcement, and sold them all 10 minutes after the announcement, making a profit of 55,400 US dollars. The USDT and ETH used are all from OKX. Another address 0xAc…34B4 also spent 188,000 USDC to purchase 5,353 RPL within 30 seconds of Binance’s announcement, setting a high slippage to achieve fast transaction (7 ETH was lost by the sandwich attack), and gained profit is about 15,000 U.

10. DEX aggregator 1inch has developed a hardware wallet link

DEX aggregator 1inch has developed a hardware wallet that is in the final stages of development and testing and is expected to go on sale this year. Hardware wallet makers Ledger and Trezor have both seen sharp sales increases as a result of FTX crash.

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