WuBlockchain Weekly:3AC、Liquidity Crisis、75bps and Top10 News

Top10 News

1、Three Arrows Capital liquidated by FTX, Deribit and BitMEX link

FTX, Deribit and BitMEX have liquidated Three Arrows Capital’s positions, sources tell The Block.Three Arrows owes BitMEX around $6 million, said one of the sources.

2、Gray Glacier fork go live towards the end of June, the merge time target between late Aug and Nov link

At the ACD140, developers discussed the issues surrounding the beta network merger and decided to fork at the end of June to delay the difficulty bomb, while Tim Beiko stated that the main network merger is expected in late August to November.

3、Fed Announces Biggest Interest Rate Hike(75bps) in 28 Years link

The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised interest rates by 75 basis points, or three-quarters of a percentage point. It is the biggest rate hike in 28 years, part of an ongoing effort to bring down soaring inflation that has roiled the economy and markets from stocks and bonds to cryptocurrencies.

4、SEC launches insider trading inquiry into crypto exchanges link

According to a person with direct knowledge of the inquiry, the SEC has sent a letter to one major crypto exchange requesting information about how the platform protects users from insider trading facilitated through its network, but, this person believes the inquiry covers other exchanges as well.

5、China’s fujian province takes the lead in banning trading venues from carrying out NFT transactions: “No participation, no approval, no endorsement” link

According to The China Times, Fujian province recently issued a reminder letter on preventing THE risk of NFT violations. The document mentioned that in order to prevent the risk of illegal participation in NFT activities, the trading venues in Fujian province made four suggestions on NFT-related activities, including “shall not engage in NFT transactions without approval and shall not participate in NFT activities in a disguised manner”.

6、TRON DAO Reserve: USDD peg defense

In the market slump, institutions burst positions in the background, USDD has become a potential sniper object. However, due to the small market capitalization of USDD and the high-profile purchase of TRX by TRON DAO Reserve, USDD is not yet seriously unpeg.

7、The principle and agreement that the China central intermediary service institutions shall follow when entering the market: they shall not engage in NFT and digital collection business, or promise not to engage in NFT and digital collection business after entering the market link

8. AEX announces reasons for delayed withdrawal link

AEX issued a notice on the adjustment of withdrawal function. The reason for the delay of withdrawal on June 14 was caused by a series of events: AEX’s USDT/USDC, which was stored in Curve platform for mining, was run by UST after the collapse of UST, resulting in the loss of short-term liquidity assets; Some third-party quantitative institutions have a certain degree of net value withdrawal in the extreme market, AEX unilaterally interrupted the contract and withdrew assets, with principal guarantee; The repayment speed of customers of mining machine placement business and pledge loan business is delayed; LUNA, CEL, 3AC and other institutions crashed in succession, causing market panic; The multi-sign-on server is temporarily faulty.

9、Celsius suspends withdrawals, exchanges, and transfers between accounts. Crisis relief link

Celsius has hired banking giant Citigroup as a consultant to advise on possible solutions as it seeks to protect its clients’ assets while stabilizing liquidity and operations and suspending withdrawals, exchanges and transfers between accounts.

10、The total crypto market fell below $1 trillion for the first time since January 2021 link


  • Sequoia India and Southeast Asia raises $2.85 billion funds link
  • Amber Group Now Licensed to Operate in Hong Kong With Acquisition of Celera Markets Limited link
  • Tellie, Web3 Starter Kit for Creators, Raises $10M Series A to Onboard Web2 Creators to Web3 link
  • Alan Howard joins $11 million seed round for metaverse developer Atmos Labs link
  • Upvest raises $42 million in Bessemer-led round, lays the groundwork for international expansion link
  • True Global Ventures doubles down on Web3 with $146M ‘follow-on’ fund link

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  • Where to use a blockchain in non-financial applications? link
  • Some ways to use ZK-SNARKs for privacy link
  • 22,000 ETH Embezzled and Over Ten Projects Failed: The Story of Machi Big Brother (Jeff Huang) link
  • Polygon co-founder talk about markets on all this chaos link
  • 4th Annual Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2022 link
  • The crypto market downturn explained link
  • Staking, pegging and other stuff link
  • The European Central Bank is Trapped. Here’s Why. link

Hot Topic: Liquidity Crisis(3AC)

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