WuBlockchain Weekly:Employment、Solana Exploit、HardFork and Top10 News

  • Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Seeks New Funding at Higher Valuation link
  • NFT counterfeit detector MarqVision raises $20 million in Series A funding link
  • Marathon Doubles Loan Borrowing Capacity to $200M as Mining Rigs Sit Idle link
  • Arnault-backed VC firm Aglaé Ventures to launch €100 million web3 fund link
  • Messari Acquires Assets and Business of Dove Metrics to Expand Product Offerings link
  • Former Palantir engineers raise $20M to simplify web3 tooling link
  • Cosmos liquid staking protocol Stride raises $6.7 million within months of founding link
  • The Complete Guide to Rollups link
  • Master of Anons: How a Crypto Developer Faked a DeFi Ecosystem link
  • 3AC, DCG & Amazing Coincidences link
  • Beginnings of a Bear Market Rally? link
  • What is The Ethereum Merge and How Will it Affect You link
  • H1 2022 Crypto Fundraising Report — Dove Metrics x Messari link
  • Diving into the Aptos Network link
  • ETHPoW vs ETH2 link
  • The different types of ZK-EVMs link
  • Vulnerabilities in Cross-chain Bridge Protocols Emerge as Top Security Risk link



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Colin Wu, Chinese journalist, won 2013 China News Award